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Wukong333 Casino 

Wukong333 casino was produced in 2019, this online casino is a brand new video gaming in the market. Look at the name that you will know is made from China. “Wukong” is famous and people love story in the world. Therefore m the design of the Wukong333 Casino is of course based on the Wukong story. The most important character in Wukong’s story is that “Tang San Zhang” and he is the soul of the story. Total of 54 slot games were made using all the characters in it , with 24 table games is normal style as the market .

Classic Slot Game In Wukong333 Casino

Sunwukong reels are set in an energized foundation of a mountain flower. The lead figure is Tang priest, he is a priest who need to finish strategic the west. Tang priest is the wild image and he is graciousness, he will instruct to pardon individuals. Different characters have been characterized in the public statement as Monkey ruler, Monk Pig and Friar Sand . Though Monkey King with Monk Pig and Friar Sand is the three understudy the class for the Tang minister. Monkey King images seem extended in expanding higher stacks, going 7 high on reel 6. The other topical images are Gold loop, Moon Staff and Three thistles . The low paying images are stones. The shield assumes a significant job in the SunWuKong . In this slot game it is a stacked disperse image that can show up on reels 2, 4 and 6. It triggers the Mountain Flower free twists. Tang Priest will freeze a haphazardly picked high image when it arrives on the reels. This image will remain bolted until Tang Priest arrives on a similar reel. The free twists proceed till Tang Priest arrives on reel 1. Tang Priest and disciple online opening is connected to the China of God dynamic big stakes organize. The reward game can be activated on any turn promising one of the prize, minor prize, significant prize or fabulous prize big jackpots.

Minimum deposit 10 no bonus and minimum cash out 50.



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