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Calibet Malaysia

Calibet already has 1.3 million users in Singapore and Malaysia. They entered the Asian market in 2014 and are executed by Genting Online Casino. Genting is a licensed casino in Malaysia and Singapore, so players can be guaranteed and have no doubts The bet. Calibet's design combines the style of Las Vegas with golden yellow colors, making the whole design noble. It seems that the player feels like arriving at Land Casino. The background music of the game also uses a comfortable slow rhythm In order to let customers enjoy it. Why Calibet can be so successful, because he has API links in many countries. Customers can contact dealers in many countries on one platform, as if they have been to casinos in many countries.

Future Of Calibet

The legend of the Egyptian pyramid spread for thousands of years. Calibet brought the story of the pyramid into the game. In addition to using his design in the future, he will also make his story into a slot machine. Three slot machines are already in preparation for the Egyptian pyramid as the primary design, mummy , Coffins and bats will be the protagonists inside. They will be presented in the form of 5x3 reels, and incorporate 3D effects. It can be said that it is a worldly work.

Calibet Function 

Calibet has its own independent deposit channel, and the anti-theft wall is also the most rigorous. Playing in calibet casino does not need to worry about data outflows. They also have customer service 24/7 to serve all customers at any time, and have multiple languages , Like English, Malay, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, UK English, etc.

Minimum deposit 10 no bonus and minimum cash out 50.



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