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Calibet casino

Calibet Casino is a game created in Europe and launched on the market in 2013. The game is produced by Crown Gaming. They have 20 years of experience in making games and have accumulated design demeanor in various countries around the world. Calibet has also launched in Asia The market, but it is executed by Genting Online Casino, the general agent in Asia, so the name is also changed to All Bet. The main site of Genting Online Casino is actually located in Singapore and Malaysia. They have a comprehensive website that provides multiple languages ​​and security The deposit channel and professional customer service staff serve customers. Calibet is a game that can be played directly without downloading APK. Just log in and deposit through the web page. It can be said that it has been completely replaced Singapore and Malaysia land casino.

Calibet Games Introduction

Calibet casino is a company specializing in live games. Some basic Black Jack, Bacarrat, Roulette, Poker Three, Sicbo and other special games are not seen in the land casino, such as Fish Prawn Crab, Lucky and Burst Bid. These special games are of course also popular in the market, and even account for more than 60% of the total users. Fish Prawn Crab is actually an improved version of Sicbo. It also uses 3 dices but the number becomes Fish Prawn Crab. Odds are also improved, for example, Sicbo ’s 3 Same Number is 180 times, and Fish Prawn Crab is 240 times. Burst bid is also very special, he is a game of opportunity, every 15 seconds will start a round when you After betting, you will see the line graph of similar stocks start to climb up. The system will pause at a random time. Players must sell before the suspension to get profit.

Minimum deposit 10 no bonus and minimum cash out 50.



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